We Make our Worst Demons
And They are Ravenous

What if I told you that I was working on an Urban Fantasy Too?

That’s right. I’m expanding my genre to do more than Sci-Fi. As much as I love the Renegade Series, there’s always another story I want to tell. And where’s the fun in doing one genre when I can expand it further?  I say do both!

Sol: The True Self will go on sale August 20th.
Click the link below for a first look!


Written by jac1043
I am a Grad from NYU Tisch, School of the Arts. I've earned my BFA in Dramatic Writing, with focus on Screenwriting and a minor in Studio Art. But if I had it my way, I would travel the world slaying monsters and saving the world. My interests are in fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure. I'm also a sucker for superheroes and Japanese animation. I dream that one day I can work my way to head screenwriter, where I can lead my own IP and entertain audiences who love what I love.