What’s Joshua Been Up To?

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After a long absence from this site, I think it’s time to give a brief history of what I’ve been up to for the last year:

July/August 2017 – Went to Thailand and Japan, respectively. Tried out a TEFL course to teach English as a foreign language. If there was a silver lining, I learned that teaching was not the right kind of job for me.

September/December 2017 – Picked up part-time work at three different professions: after-school tutoring, teacher assistant bookkeeping, and part-time English tutoring.

January 2018 – Decided to turn my life around: I’d like to thank Jonathan Yanez for pointing me in the right direction for being a self-published author. My life turned around then, and I started writing once more while keeping up with my other jobs.

February 2018 – Finished my first revision of Gladiator (2018), which is the story that inspired Fallen Son (2016). This was my first publication on Amazon.

March 2018 – Finished my first revision of Rebellion (2018), which is the story that inspired Fallen Son (2017). A significant amount of text was added based on the screenplay.

April/May 2018 – Finished my first draft of Legionary (2018), a brand new story where I dipped my toes into the Renegade Series once more. I also picked up a new job as an HP Sales Rep, which helped pay the bills between my ongoing writing projects.

June/July 2018 – Edited and published Gladiator and Rebellion on Amazon, respectively. Learned how to market and attract traffic to the two books.

Which brings us to August. It’s a new month, and I’ve restructured my schedule to post more frequently on social media. Now there are alternative handles to see what I’m working on.

Join in when you can!

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I am a Grad from NYU Tisch, School of the Arts. I've earned my BFA in Dramatic Writing, with focus on Screenwriting and a minor in Studio Art. But if I had it my way, I would travel the world slaying monsters and saving the world. My interests are in fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure. I'm also a sucker for superheroes and Japanese animation. I dream that one day I can work my way to head screenwriter, where I can lead my own IP and entertain audiences who love what I love.