Projects and Screenplays

The Last Legionary (2017)

Genre: Sci-fi, Heist


A disgruntled veteran is blacklisted by his government after an operation went wrong. But when they threaten to use a new weapon on the people, he stakes everything in a coup d’état to take them down.

Based on the sci-fi novel Renegade: Rebellion (2013), co-written with Jefferson Cha.

  • eBook available on Nook and Amazon

Speak English

A short film directed by Kazuki Akiba and Andrew Gu


In the wake of a tragic passing, a Chinese father reminisces of his son’s effort to blend into American society.

  • Selection, HBO Asian Pacific American Competition 2016

Monkey’s Trail (2017)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure


Wei is a Chinese-American who always loved the stories of the Monkey King. But when his mother grows ill, Wei sets out with his sister and uncle to find a mythical fruit that can save her.

Fallen Son (2016)

Genre: Sci-fi, Superhero


A combat cyborg named Conan awakens to his latent abilities in an age of anarchy. Will he become the hero he wished to be, or become a villain?

Based on the novel Renegade: Gladiator (2012), written under pen names A. Lex Cho and Jackson Cha

  • eBook available on Nook and Amazon