Probably the hardest part about launching a career is juggling the other 3 jobs every day of the week.

I’m a new writer, and I’m still learning. I’ve also got bills to pay and not enough money to call myself independent. So when the chance comes for me to really make something good, like really good, I want to make sure it’s the best it can be. That’s why I’m writing this post now.

I had a hiatus from writing for a while. At the time a few job opportunities opened up and I went for them. That meant all the free time I had before to write would be entirely devoted to making money to pay the bills. That also meant that 50 hours out of my week were gone. And those hours got longer and longer as the holidays approached.

Has anyone here tried to work retail on Black Friday? Good God.

At least I had the time to step away from working on my books. Now I could look at them from the perspective of someone reading this text with fresh eyes.

Of the four books I currently have on Amazon, the first one is the most “successful.” I believe the pacing was good and the writing was serviceable for what it was. But I can’t say the same for my most recent books. Recently I got in touch with another novelist who ripped apart my first paragraph (for an agonizing hour) to prove a point: I pushing these novels out too fast and wasn’t leaving enough time to really make the text have personality or charm.

So what does that mean now?

Well, I’m slowing down with my writing schedule. (My quota before was 2000 words a day.) Relax, I’m still writing regularly every day. But that means I’ll have to make sure what I make is still good content.  And that brings me to my next point: I’m relaunching my most recent book.

This was something I wanted to be good. Really, REALLY good. It was an idea I had for years and had to refine in a state of madness to make sure it was something tangible and for others to read.

And upon reading the novel in its current state, I realized that I was being overly ambitious. There wasn’t a story so much as a lot of descriptive text. One reader couldn’t figure out where the Main Character was standing on the first chapter.

So I’m going to take another look at the book, and make sure it’s worthy of being a novel. That means a lot of revisions and a lot of work on my end. The Writing process doesn’t stop for a writer, and there are a lot of ideas in my head. I have to get them down on paper to make sure that I can share what I can imagine with everyone.

With that said, I want to share a preview of what heavily revising a book can really look like. Click the link below to see what I mean.

Wish me luck, guys! I’m heading out to another job in an hour. With any luck, this new relaunched book will be released before the beginning of March.

Written by jac1043
I am a Grad from NYU Tisch, School of the Arts. I've earned my BFA in Dramatic Writing, with focus on Screenwriting and a minor in Studio Art. But if I had it my way, I would travel the world slaying monsters and saving the world. My interests are in fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure. I'm also a sucker for superheroes and Japanese animation. I dream that one day I can work my way to head screenwriter, where I can lead my own IP and entertain audiences who love what I love.